Mor Pati Dernegi (Purple Paw Rescue Group)

We work jointly with this organization of which we are also board members. “Mor Pati” means “purple paw” in Turkish, which translates into the paws that are deteriorated with time and the harshness of living on the streets. The facility that Mor Pati operates is a place where we put all the dogs together and assess them. It is not a one-on-one fostering environment. Special training does not take place there. The chosen dogs come from various neighborhoods in Istanbul or from different cities in Turkey. Some are injured, and some can be sick. The new arrivals go to the vet clinic before they enter the facility in case they have diseases that might infect other dogs. All dogs at the facility are fully vaccinated with Rabies and DHPP. Puppies who are less than three months remain with the mother indoors. Unlike shelters or kennels here in the US, within the facility, dogs can hang out in one place all day and play and socialize. They have indoor and outdoor places for them to sleep and eat. The crew in the facility consists of 4-5 people who work five days a week to take care of the dogs. There is not a volunteering system like in the US. Everything from hiring to feeding to transportation is costly in Turkey.