Puppies and More

On a cold, rainy morning when Inci opened her front gate to pick up her newspaper what she came across is the cutest thing, anyone can imagine. They were left in a box without their mom in front of her door, outside on the street.  Probably someone knows Inci as an animal advocate, and that she will not let go of this irresistible litter of cuteness.

However, she already had a full house of dogs of all ages. She asked Rabia Ozcelik for help, and brave Rabia took over the care of those pups immediately.

We suspect they are probably mutts of Anatolian shepherd mixes, and they will probably grow to be around 70-80 pound dogs.

Streetlife is not safe nor healthy for any dog, let alone puppies. These puppies are safe for now. However, we are desperately looking for homes of this kind of breed. It is impossible to find them homes in Turkey. Turkish people are mostly interested in high-end breeds. Instead, they rather buy a puppy from breeders. Our mission is to educate the Turkish people. We put our efforts and energy to fly dogs to the U.S. or Europe with before and after cases and present it to the Turkish people, that how these dogs are appreciated here in the U.S. and admired and loved.

If you are interested in adopting a puppy or two, please contact us at streetdogpals@gmail.com