Apple’s Story

Her story starts at a pet shop. Most likely a family purchased her from the pet shop, kept her for a few years, and then, after discovering the large growth on her side, they dumped her on the streets. Witnesses described her as following everyone in the neighborhood where she was dumped, searching for her family members.

Apple finally followed a young woman for several blocks, and the woman decided to take her home. Unfortunately, the woman could not keep her since she shares a tiny apartment with her husband and two children. She contacted us through social media and asked for help. We arranged for Apple to visit a vet. During the examination, he found a growth on her right side and, without a biopsy, diagnosed it as cancer. We then arranged for Apple to visit a veterinarian who specializes in oncology. When he performed surgery on her, he discovered that it wasn’t a cancer but only fat cysts. Apple is now is fully recover. And she at her forever home. Thanks to Rover’s Retreat to find her forever home.