Otto and Pepper’s Story

Otto and Pepper were rescued from a town in Turkey in Izmir.

Otto and Pepper were street dogs in Izmir when they fell into the hands of an evil man.

His neighbors contacted animal rescue groups via Facebook after observing how badly he treated the two dogs. We contacted volunteers to go and check on these poor souls. They found Otto and Pepper in horrific condition. They were tied to a tree night and day in all kinds of weather. The few scraps they were given were hardly enough to survive on.

Otto was severely beaten with a stick, causing injuries to her head that resulted in her being half blind and almost deaf.

The rescue group had to go through a lot of obstacles to get these dogs out of this horrible situation but they knew they HAD TO, Otto and Pepper’s lives depended on it.

Otto was taken to the vet to operate on her eye. Both dogs were taken to safety and they found their forever homes in Chicago.


  • Otto and Pepper