Meet Lollipop! This little girl is currently being taken care of in a facility in Istanbul. Her original home was on the streets, where she was dumped along with her siblings.

As the only survivor, Lollipop spent a few months at our facility, where she was able to thrive without the fear of starving to death or being abused. She spent most of her time in the facility.

So if you want a miniature golden retriever, you’re in luck. Lollipop is about two years old with a gentle but upbeat nature. She is typical golden but in small size; she is around 30 pounds. She is a playful dog who loves to go on walks and hang out with her human! Because she is a young dog, she will need plenty of exercise and play! She is friendly and engaged with the world around her. She has excellent manners.

She does not jump on people or even the bed unless she is invited, but she likes to have her belly rubbed once she is there. Lollipop is very good with dogs and fantastic with respectful kids and adults. Her rescuer mom says she’s a real love bug and will find room on your lap even if you don’t think there is any.

Lollipop is spayed, current on vaccines, microchipped, and has no known medical issues. Now, if you’re ready for a delicious Lollipop, please send a kind message expressing your interest. Please include details as to HOW and WHY Lollipop would fit in with your home/lifestyle.

All of the information I have given is true and complete. This dog will reside in my home as a family member. I will provide it with quality dog food, plenty of fresh water, indoor shelter, affection, daily walks, annual physical examination, and vaccinations under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian.