Kit & Kat

Double the love! A dynamic duo is looking for that special person.
Do you have a big heart and love to give? Kit and Kat share a special bond and are looking to bond with your family.

These boys embody the meaning of family. Kit is a neutered cream short-haired mix (looks to be some terrier). He is 1.5 years old, about 17-20lbs. Kat is a handsome 2.5-year-old neutered ginger stripe shorthair
cat. He is about 11 lbs. Both boys are extremely friendly lovebugs.

They are good with other dogs and cats.

Kit was found alone and sick in the forest. He was taken to the rescue facility where his health was restored and his soul was healed by Kat.

Kat was already at the facility when Kit arrived. Kat took to Kit and gave him hope. These boys are now a bonded pair. They are healthy and arriving soon…they are looking for their forever home where they can be together. They snuggle with each other and are looking to snuggle up with you! Open your heart and your home to these boys and all the love two souls can give.