Goddess of the dogs Hera

Hera’s story is probably one of the unfortunately too common of a story for the dogs abandoned in the places by the sea.  People go for vacationing in the summer time and then leave them behind when they went back to their homes in the other cities.

Her rescuer was by the sea shore playing with her dog when Hera approached them. Seeing how skinny and weak she is, the rescuer got food from her home and fed Hera.  Then came the difficult part of gaining her trust so she could be fostered at this lady’s home, as Hera lost her trust to the humankind. Yet, she followed her kind and they managed to take her to a vet clinic for a health check. Her bloodwork was normal but her x-rays revealed that she had a plate left from a previous surgery, very likely she was in an accident and needed the plate to fix her bone. The vet and the rescuer were in consensus that the plate wasn’t bothering her, and there was no reason to put her under a malnourished dog under anesthesia unless it was a life-threating situation. Hera has been gaining weight and learning how to have home at her rescuer/foster mom’s home and enjoying time she spend time with her doggie friend.  The plate is removed and she is comfortably running and playing.

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