Overweight, shaggy, matted, dirty and depressed street dog up for adoption.

Chances are, this dog didn’t always look this way.
Chances are, this dog had a home at some point in his life.
Chances are, this dog had people of his own who he probably thought loved him.
Chances are this dog thought he would never be thrown away because he was simply no longer wanted.
Chances are no one really treats a dog this way, right? Wrong. In fact, in Turkey, they do it all the time. When a dog owner no longer wants to keep their dog, they simply discard them, throw them away, toss them out of the house or drive them far enough away that they can’t find their way back home. That’s what happened to this dog, and at the age of five, he now finds himself homeless.
I’m sure he’s thinking it was all a big mistake or perhaps a silly game and that his owners are anxiously searching for him.
I’m sure he’s imagined the feeling he’ll get when he’s reunited with his owners.
I’m sure he’d be so forgiving of their stupidity and selfishness.
I’m sure of all these things, but more importantly, I’m 100% sure this dog needs someone much kinder, full of love, compassion, has morals, and a heart the size of the moon.
I’m sure this dog needs someone who will give him a safe and soft place to lay.

Please meet Grant. Grant is learning to turn the page on his past. First, he’s sporting a fresh and clean, tight summer clip, and secondly, he no longer has to worry about wandering the streets eating scraps and sleeping on concrete.