Badem.. Almond in Turkish


Badem means Almond in Turkish. This gorgeous girl is ready to fly to your heart. She is an amazing dog, she is unbelievably loving and caring golden retriever mix girl. She is not quite a golden retriever but she has the temperament of sweet loving retriever.

Badem was found in a neighborhood in Istanbul tied to a poll. There were many dogs around her harassing her. She might got beaten several times.

The rescuer was passing by and untied her. And took her along with her. Badem was miserable missing her family. With time she overcomes her fears. Her rescuer gave her to a foster home which they were able to take care of Badem, she was sent to the vet clinic and she had her shots and the proper care.  All her blood work were done and she is a healthy girl. She also got spayed. Badem got excellent training. She is housebroken and walks great on a leash. She loves kids and humans. She is a happy girl in general. Very appreciative of her foster home.

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